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The Importance of selecting the right DJ for you

Just from my experiance it can be the most important thing next to picking the right dress. The DJ is not only your entertainment, but in many cases music director for your entire wedding playing the music for the bridesmaids and groomsmen to walk out to and the all Important Bridal March. He is also your Voice saying things you want said to mom or dad or your best friend who flew from half way around the world to make your wedding. this is what your DJ does he plays your songs and when he needs to will play songs to liven a mellow crowd into the celebration it should be ( unless its a soft intamate afair). From my own experiance of 30 years of playing music for the masses and haveing been to more weddings than I can remeber, I have played all kinds and the one thing they all have in common is NOTHING. Every one is diffrent and every one is special. I look at them as being a once in a lifetime event that even if you have walked to the alter 4 other times this is the only one that matters. I have seen things done that would make your jaw drop perfomances by other DJs that would never have flow in my world. A great example of someting i wittnessed by another DJ. The wedding party was all ready to go he did get the music started rite for the bridal party to walk to a bit loud but not over the top, he was very busy doing what ever he was doing when the bride was ready to walk he was a bit off, but no one noticed so all good. the ceremony begain and all was great with the officiant our DJ did play the song for the ribbon ceremony on time. As the ceremoney was winding down and almost ready to announce MR. and MRS. and send them off to a happily ever after our guy had gotten totaly engrossed in watching the ceremoney he FORGOT he was supposed to play a song for them to walk off to, so here is our guy watching and waiting for what is going to happen next. The bride shot him a glance more of a DEATHGAZE and he awoke form his stupor and hit the song so the newlywed couple could walk off to happily every after. I tell this story because i was there and almost jumped into save the couple. The point of all this, It is your Day and no one else shopuld matter other than you and you future spouse, and all should be wonderful. Our job as your minstrell is to entertain and represent you but also to creat a musical accompniement to the Movie that is your Dream Day. Here are my suggestions on picking the rite DJ for you (hopefuly it will be me). First ask alot of questions even the ones you might think are dumb, you want to know everything how long have you been at this ? what formats do you play ? Where have you played ? How many weddings have you played ? Second meet with your prospective DJ phone meetings are nice but you can really get to know a person when you are loking into there eyes. 3rd Price is not a guarantee of a good Jock. I know alot of DJs who do this as a weekend gig for extra money and some are good some are not. Some of the Worst DJs i have seen where VERY expensive, and so proud of there equipment they wanted everyone in the city to know it. Good sound dosnet need to be heard from a mile away, most weddings have a mix of people from all over and not only od they want to dance they also want to visit. I can go on and on but i hope this will at least help some. I have been doing this along time and i am always here to answer questions for anyone. Wishing you all the Happiness life has to offer, Bo

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